6 Steps To Identifying Your Freaking Nic

This is a free master class for female coaches who are ready to get rid of the overwhelm, confusion, niche the fuck down and start making more money!

LIVE VIA zoom May 26th at 8PM CST 
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Are you A female Coach Trying to decide how to show up in this industry and build your dream business, but feeling confused, overwhelmed and lost choosing your niche ?

Girlfriend, that was me!

It's time to stop doing what every other coach is doing and finally have people dying to work with you because you have become the expert in a very specific niche!

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Check Out some amazing wins from the strategies you'll learn: 

As coaches, we wrestle with so many different areas of trying to figure out niche, marketing, sales and even how to not get upset about this journey. One conversation with Dre had me in tears, because she GOT me. She understands the issues we face. Dre truly cares, and wants to help you succeed! Because she has been down the same path, she can appreciate the struggle. Her passion of making our new careers as coaches successful shines through in each coaching session. She will tell you like it is because she's been thru it!! I can't recommend Dre enough for helping me niche down and have the confidence I needed to go after what I want. I know she'll do the same for YOU!


Dre helped me discover who I was when it came to my coaching career path. she helped me discover who I wanted to help and the first step to starting my career. I felt so much clarity. Thank you so much Dre. I look forward to working with you in the near future.


I gained enough clarity on properly defining my coaching career path I had been struggling to figure out for a long time. Dre poured her heart into it, read deep into me, patiently drilled my mind with her deep questions that eventually led me to self-discovery.


Dre's energy is contagious and she jumped right in to make the most of my time. I loved that. I had 5-6 different things to instantly improve,  Stuff I have never seen any other business or marketing coach share, so I was definitely impressed. I feel more confident in my business after talking to Dre.


Hi, I'm Dre!

I'm Dre, AKA The Cussing Coach!


I am a brutally honest girl who may have a slight cursing habit, I love me some Jesus, Tequila with a splash of Topo Chico, Red Vines and Movie Theater Popcorn!


I am a single mom of 3 amazing kids,  An Ex. Corporate Software Executive turned Business Confidence Coach! I have  15 years experience in sales & Operations. I have coached over one hundred sales reps and consultants how to connect with their prospects emotionally, Embrace their authentic self  and to build efficient processes in order to increase productivity.  After loosing my job in the Software Industry,  I decided to finally Launch the Business that I had been dreaming about!


After feeling confused, overwhelmed and discouraged during my launch process, I decided to take a step back into my own authenticity and stop trying to do what every other Coach was doing in their business. I came up with a simple launch process that allowed me to stay true to myself and sell my Coaching Confidently!


I then realized that I wanted to help other Female Coaches do the same! I help Female Coaches to Launch Authentically so that they can SELL Confidentially without all of the CRAZY Tech! I have huge passion for Empowering Female Coaches to let go of the shit that is holding them back and to just LAUNCH That SHIT!

I believe with everything in me that true connection and emotional communication is still and always will be the way to see magic happen in your business! My mission and commitment is to empower women to find their voice, tell their story and build true connections within their business that will result in success!

I can't freaking wait to share my strategies with you!