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We will totally vibe if you fit into one of these scenarios:

The new girl : Confused and overwhelmed ...

Where the hell do I even Start? 
who the hell is going to pay me to coach them?
How the hell am I going to run a business? i can barely run my life?
I want to coach everyone because everyone deserves my awesomeness!
I will never be like coach sally. she's fucking awesome  and has ten thousand followers!
what is this shit about kajabi, teachable, planoly, later, active campaign?
Which one should I use??

Do The Damn Research - novah.png

Do the damn research is a 2-hour 1:1 Intensive Session where we'll dive deep into your business. 
We'll talk about how to:
- Niche The Fuck Down
- Do The Damn Market research
- find your brand story
- craft your "i Help" statement

Not so new girl :Frustrated and out of ideas......

spending your entire life on Social Media Trying to get people to book just one call with you..
when you finally get someone on a call you choke when it comes to sharing your pricing. 
you are awkward in the DM's and are completely terrified of being  salesy.
You never know what to post and always revert to inspirational quotes...
You keep trying to figure out why more people don't want your offer!

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The Launch League:
Where Female Coaches Learn To Create A Badass Offer, Build Authentic Branding, Crush Their Content, Manage The Fucking Tech, And Finally Launch That Shit!